Talk about a PAINTING with an ART THEROY.

Description This is an art theory essay relating to an artist’s painting. Talk about Jenny Saville’s Propped, 1992. If you have something better to talk about, let me know. Another thing is that you must write it in simple grammar, not too fancy and complicated.  Length 1250-1300 words (5pages) Thesis: 1 to 2 paragraphs Body 80% Conclusion 2 paragraphs Thesis: your idea/argument Body: Evidence “quoting” text 3 examples pattern Conclusion – Revisit the Thesis Something you love why does the work make me feel/create a specific feeling Art: what is artist saying via a form? How is she saying it? What are the forms doing? Theory: How does the theory relate/describe the action of form? Reference Book – Theories of Modern Art, Herchel B.Chipp Paul Klee – Creative Credo Henri Matisse – Exactitude is not truth Piet Mondrian – Plastic Art and Pure Plastic Art (Figurative art and non-figurative art) Odilon Redon, Suggestive art – Introduction to a Catalogue.

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