SWOT Analysis for Loblaw Companies Limited

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1. How do you see your organization’s situation today? • describe the organization • external/internal analysis • any other aspect relevant to your definition of the key strategic issue 2. What is the key strategic issue? (you need not do it) • with justification 3. What should be done to address the issue? (you need not do it) • provide three (3) alternatives • with justification 4. Recommendation (you need not do it) • your preferred alternative • state why your preferred alternative is superior to the other two (  write external/internal analysis, use SWOT to analysis Loblaw Companies Limited. To be specific, you should describe what are the companies other competitors doing compared to them, What are the external and internal strengths and weakness, What new ventures and tactics are other firms using, in this section please note how Walmart tried this system and it failed losing the copious amounts of money, please be specific and factual)


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