Supply Chain Management, use these journals (Fortune, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, etc)

 Description o In the first paragraph, provide the background information for the topic selected for your thread. You must reference at least 2 scholarly resources, 1 of which must be your textbook. You can access numerous periodicals, Supply Chain Management journals (peer-reviewed), newspapers, and magazines (Fortune, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, etc) in the Liberty University Online Library. o For the second paragraph, explain potential consequences of the problem as well as alternative solutions to it. o In the last paragraph(s), present your proposed solution along with justification for its selection. The trend toward distribution center floor robotics has increased the need for workers skilled in robotics maintenance, but workers trained in such maintenance are in short supply. As a distribution center manager concerned with cost containment, you realize the importance of increasing the use of robotics, but are fearful of the problems caused by lack of skilled repair personnel. How will you respond to this situation?

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