Sugrue – reading response

A reading summary is required for each week’s assigned readings. The purpose of these summaries is to help you process the material, prepare for class discussion, and build a foundation of knowledge to apply to your practicum projects. Your summaries should include the following four components: A general summary of the reading, communicating what you believe to be the central purpose of the reading. Please do your best to emphasize the meaning of the readings, not what the authors ‘covered’. The goal is to discuss what you think authors are trying to communicate, making explicit reference to evidence from the text(s). (approximately 300 words) Identify what you consider to be the three central arguments from the reading. Include a quotation from the text that captures an important concept/theme/argument. A critical reflection on the reading, making connections to other classes, readings, discussions, or experiences you have had; here you may also choose to raise questions, critiques, or other uncertainties you have about the reading. 

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