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Are Computers a Students Worst Enemy?

Computers have become part of our everyday life especially as students. The world now is just unimaginable without computers since most of our daily tasks involve the use of computers. It is now mandatory for students to use computers compared to a couple of decades ago when computers weren’t really a necessity for students. Students who have easy access to computers have a big advantage over those who don’t have access to computers. Given that students need computers nowadays to survive school, the big question is whether having a computer is beneficial or harmful for a student.

Computers are important to give us easy access to information. They also allow us to communicate with other people especially those who are miles away. They allow us to learn other things such as learning a new language. Computers have really changed the way we think, work, and live and it has given us a wide range of possibilities.

Get Help from Experts

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Despite the advantages of computers, other people fear new technology because of its negative effects. Computers produce lazy and anti-social people because a lot of people get addicted to computers and devote most of their time in front of computers forgetting behind the world and the people around them. Technophobes also believe that computers can replace actual people in performing jobs which may lead to the destruction of human race.

Computers have its advantages and disadvantages. Computers are really essential in the world today, but we cannot deny the fact that using computers irresponsibly can lead to bad consequences. We should be responsible in using computers and make the most out of the good that it brings.

Advantages of Computers to Students

Computers have a lot of advantages for most people but to give more emphasis on its advantages on students who are the ones who use computers the most, here are some of them:

what are the advantages the computers offer us?
  • Access to Readings and Assignments

Some teachers and professors post assignments, readings, and other course work online or by email. Even if assignments and readings aren’t posted online, students can use the internet to get supplemental readings, study guides, and online exercises that are similar or related to their coursework.

  • Source of Communication

As mentioned earlier, computers are a great source of communication. For students, they can use computers to communicate with their teachers, professors, or classmates whenever they are struggling or having difficulties with certain topics in class or assignments. Some teachers may also send additional information about their courses to student emails. Students can also use the various online chat apps or social networks by asking fellow classmates for help or by posting their questions there. They can also collaborate with their classmate in coming up with study guides.

  • Efficiency

Students can find information that they need in their studies by going to the library, buying books, going to a professor during his or her office hours for consultation, or calling a classmate or a friend. Given these resources, the best way to acquire information easily and more efficiently is by using a computer that can give you readily available information in just a matter of seconds or minutes. The time that students save in getting information through computers can make students more productive by using this time to do other things that matter to their studies and coursework. The availability of online sources and tools also makes the learning process less frustrating for students.

  • Research

The beauty of computers is that all the information that you need can be found there. Students can search online journals, blog articles, online books, infographics, video tutorials, and every tool that they will need in order to easily find information for their assignments. There are a lot of websites and other online tools that simplify things for students to be able to understand lessons that they have a hard time understanding in school.

  • Online Tutorials

There are a lot of times when students don’t really grasp the lessons being taught by the teachers inside the classroom. There are concepts that are quite difficult to understand if you’ve heard them for the first time and some of them might be needed to be broken down into simpler and more understandable pieces. Students have different learning capabilities and although there are some who are advanced, there are also some who get left behind. For students to catch up with the lessons that they have difficulty understanding and also in order to pass the exams, students can get help from an online tutor. It is very ideal since instead of a tutor coming over the student’s house, the tutor and the student can do the tutorials through the internet by using a web cam.

Disadvantages of Computers to Students

Although computers have a lot of advantages for students with the rapid advancement of technology, they should still be aware of the harm that computers may bring.

  • Recreational Purposes

Computers are used by students for recreational purposes such as for playing games, exploring the internet, watching movies, listening to music, checking social media accounts, and a whole lot more. The problem with this is that many students forget the main purpose of computers for their studies and they tend to waste a lot of time using the computers for recreational purposes. They tend to get addicted to playing games and watching movies and neglect their studies.

  • Health Problems

The use of computers for long hours can cause health problems such as strain in your eyes, back and carpal tunnel. The effects may not show up right away, but these are long term effects of too much exposure with computers.

Everything has a good and bad side just like computers. You can treat them as your best friend or your worst enemy. What’s important is that students need to use computers according to their purpose and be responsible for the use of technology. Always remember that too much of something doesn’t do any good.

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