Strategy for professional development

Electronic and computer engineering

For this option, you will need to write a 1000-word essay describing your strategy for professional development. The paper should be logically organized with an introduction, conclusion, and development paragraphs that explain at least 3 steps you have taken to advance your professional development over the course of the term, including what significance those steps had and how you will follow-through on them in the future. Topics you must address somewhere in the paper (see also rubric) include: Working in teams ● Completing projects or events ● Communicating (with various audiences) about your work ● Mentor relationships This option is meant to provide maximum flexibility for you, but please note that it will not require any less time or evidence of meaningful effort to receive full credit than options 1 or 2. For the paper to receive all points possible, the evaluator must be convinced that you have spent at least a few weeks prior to submission considering and taking steps toward advancement of professional development. Ultimately, this option lets you define what you will do to improve yourself. Note that submission of a professional portfolio with associated artifacts and resume included is also required for this option. Some possible activities that may be acceptable to fulfill this requirement are (but are not limited to): ● Skills Mastery: Developing skills independently of formal training is a challenge as it takes a little extra effort to actually do the work. This independent learning, however, is very important as new technologies emerge and engineers are expected to be able to utilize them. ● Seminar/Workshop Attendance ● Professional Organization Membership

● Club Membership ● Employment or Internships, including application materials and/or descriptions of activities completed during Portfolio submission is also required with this option The Portfolio The portfolio, like the resume and table of contents in it, are meant to be tools that you could use to present yourself to a potential employer. When creating it, you main concern is what you want to include in order to represent yourself and the quality of your work. The portfolio will not be used by graders to determine proof of having met the other requirements for the professional development assignment. Rather, it will be judged based on its potential usefulness as a professional development tool that includes a resume and a table of contents along with any other artifacts (arranged logically into folders) that you think demonstrate your abilities as an engineer, a team player, a leader, etc. The table of contents should be a separate document Page 3 located in the top folder of the portfolio, as it will be used by viewers as a road map to the rest of the portfolio.


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