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State the difference between a social issue and a social problem (2pts)

The following project is designed to give students a clearer understanding of the difference between social issues and social problems. Students will also be able to research selected Caribbean islands and identify the social problem that is affecting that country.





A. State the difference between a social issue and a social problem (2pts)


B. Select a Caribbean island from the list below and state a

social problem identified in that country.

Using the same country selected, create an agency of your own that deals with the social problem identified. Construct a flyer informing persons of the assistance you can offer towards the social problem identified.


Flyer Creation

Agency name and number- 1pt

Social Problem -1pt

Creativity- 6pts

Catchy Phrase(s)- 4pts


C. Research and present an article that speaks about the social problem that you’ve selected currently taking place in the selected country. (2pts)


D. Write an essay on the selected social problem. In your essay include the definition of the social problem. Explain three (3) reasons why the social problem may occur. Give three (3) suggestions that you would give to help remove/reduce the social problem selected.,,


Essay Breakdown

Introduction- 3pts

Body- 12pts ( 4pts each)

Conclusion- 4pts



Caribbean Countries to select from


British Virgin Islands




Trinidad and Tobago

St. Kitts and Nevis

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