Starting A Franchise Question

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Starting A Franchise Question

Do you have what it takes to be a successful franchisee? Start by making a list of your interests and skills, and do a self-assessment using some of the suggestions in chapter 4. Next you need to narrow the field of thousands of different franchise systems. Go to Franchise Handbook Online

( (Links to an external site.)) where you will find articles with checklists to help you thoroughly research a franchise and its industry, as well as a directory of franchise opportunities. Armed with this information, complete the following requirements.

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  • Describe the selected franchise opportunity and the franchisors in the transaction.
  • Develop a questionnaire containing a minimum 5 questions to evaluate a prospective franchise.
  • Describe the franchise financial obligation.
  • If you had the necessary financial resources to acquire the franchise are you ready to be a franchisee? Explain why or why not?

Starting A Franchise Question


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