SQL design and implement

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2. Design a database that will be used to store information for an IT Consulting Company that provides services for client organizations as well as purchases and resells equipment (servers, desktops, software, routers, etc.) to clients. Ensure that you diagram the
tables, columns / datatypes, and table relationships.
3. Create the database and tables from the previous step as well as populate the tables with at least 50 records (use a bulk import process). Also that the tables have the appropriate indexes and database options.
4. Create a SQL login and user that can be used to access and modify records within the database, as well as a separate SQL login that can only read records within the database. Use appropriate names for each one.
5. Ensure that you can isolate performance problems when they occur, as well as monitor ongoing SQL performance and usage. Optimize the performance of your database by performing the appropriate tasks. Ensure that your database is regularly checked for
inconsistencies and backed up. Any problems should be emailed to your trioscollege.com email address.
6. Create a new database that will be used as a data warehouse. Identify which information from your database is most valuable for business intelligence analysis. Next, define your dimensions for the data warehouse as well as the data points to store in the fact
table. Finally, select the columns to include in each dimension table, and optionally implement your design by creating the necessary SSIS packages.
7. Detach your databases and submit them to your instructor for marking.

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