Springvale Road is a 6 storey multi-storey car park serving the shopping centre.

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Assignment Brief – Assignment 1


The assignment relates to a hypothetical proposed local authority offices consolidation project involving a brownfield town centre site (plan below). (The green and blue lines may be ignored). 



Background The site is a disused local authority amenity services and vehicle repair depot, currently used by the local authority (your client) as an overflow car park for its staff located in an existing building the other side of Kingsway. Prior to local authority use, which began in 1936, the site was a bell foundry. The purpose of the project is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the local authority’s administrative functions, which are at present located in five different freehold buildings in the town. The project consists of:  Construction of a new 12 storey office building on the depot site o The local authority is looking to create a building with a design life of at least 60 years. Because the building will be a prominent feature of the town centre it is looking for a high standard of design, though not an ‘iconic’ design to avoid accusations of wasting public money. The local authority is also keen that the building achieves at least a ‘very good’ BREEAM rating.  Repair and refurbishment of 4 of the other buildings (office buildings constructed in the 1960s) once vacated with the aim of disposing of them by sale or lease.  Repair and conversion of the fifth building, a Grade II listed art deco style office building, into luxury flats for sale on the open market. 



Task What you have to do is identify the procurement approach you would advise the client to take to this project. Your submission should take the form of a short report (in the order of 2,500 – 3,000 words), supported where appropriate by tables, diagrams etc. either in the body of the text or as appendices. Such tables etc. do not form part of the word count. You must provide a clear justification for your recommended approach to packaging the project and procuring the works and services contracts required for the project.

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