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Sociology need in 24 hours


(Part 1)

Basically, I want you to critically analyze on one or more hate groups that operate physically on the streets or online in Cyberspace/ Social media . There are various tools you are encouraged to use to find these groups. One tool is the SPLC Hate-Map Click on any state and move the cursor over marked hate/extremist group. Conduct an online search over the group and see what information exists out there. Another tool is the ADL Hate symbol database  One additional requirement is I will ask you to carefully pick 1 theory or concept from the Race and Ethnicity chapter which you think can explain their hate ideologies. Pick 1 from the following list and try to apply it to your hate group(s): scapegoat theory, social learning theory, social distance (bogardus), authoritarian personality theory, group threat theory, economic  and political competition  etc.

When you finish post 1 paragraph or more briefly explaining your hate group or hate groups. Next paragraph should be which theory or concept you are applying. Post it inside the discussion forum for Module 4.

Please remember you may use this as one of the two required posts in Module 4.

(Part 2) Gender and Sexual Identity formation

If you are still missing a second post, you can also post on something from the Gender and Sexuality chapter. However, there is only only option available. To begin, i would like you to watch the video below which briefly summarizes Laura Mulveys’ Male Gaze Theory

Next, review a film, movie, music video, advertisements/commercials, or a Television show of your choice that you think would fit with Laura Mulveys Male Gaze Theory. This write-up should not be less than 3/4 page long and discuss how various scenes or the portrayal of female characters on the screen fit into Laura Mulveys’ Male Gaze Theory. You are also encouraged to use concepts and terms from the Gender and Sexuality Chapter from our online textbook.

Chapter 12. Gender, Sex, and Sexuality – Introduction to Sociology – 2nd Canadian Edition

Part 1 and part 2 are to be written as two different questions. Each one should be atleast 1 and a half to 2 pages single spaced. 

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