Social Justice, Social Work and Law

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Social Justice, Social Work and Law

This assignment is intended to provide you with an opportunity to identify and reflect on your beliefs and values about the law and how they have been challenged (or not) throughout the course. You will need to consider the sources of your values and beliefs and your personal experiences (or lack of them) with the law and its institutions in light of the course readings and discussions. You need to consider how your beliefs, assumptions and biases are likely to affect your practice, especially in matters related to law.

This assignment asks you to develop an understanding of your current value base in relation to the law and its institutions and to reflect on how that might impact your practice. Social Justice, S0cial Work and Law

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Please note that there are 3 sections to complete

  1. Where, when and how did your very first understandings of the law develop? How were these understandings shaped by your historical, social, cultural and political locations? Which of these understandings have shifted through the course (and why) and which have not (and why not)?
  2. Briefly describe a situation in which you interacted with the law or one of its institutions.
  3. Describe your feelings at the time.
  4. Describe the relative geographical, historical, social, cultural and political locations of yourself and those you dealt with. How do you think these factors contributed (or didn’t) to how the situation played out?
  5. What role did conflict play in the situation, and how were various conflicts resolved or not resolved? Identify historical, social, cultural and political aspects of location that contributed to how conflict arose (or didn’t) and how it was dealt with.
  6. Describe how this experience influenced your perception and understanding of the law and its institutions.
  7. Discuss the implications of your current value base in relation to the law and its institutions and to reflect on how that might impact your practice.


I am female from an Africa.

We have to answer question 1.(these is the angle that I think might work)

I am an immigrant to Canada and I had experienced going through refugee status where my application was denied and then going through the humanitarian compassionate process where I was able To legally continue to stay in Canada and along the line married my spouse which then led to my permanent residency under the family sponsorship application.

I always thought the ability to migrate to Canada through various streams was a good thing and that life is much more easier in Canada. Social Justice, Social Work and Law

My understanding of immigration or the reason behind these immigration opportunities have changed and I have began to look at immigration from a critical perspective.

For example

Finalizing a refugee claim could depend on how competent your lawyer is at establishing your claim.

Another factor to consider is the biases of the judge.

Another factor is also what is the reasoning behind specifying a number of people who can be approved for claims(operating a quota system).

Question 2- based on the answers above.

  1. My feelings at the time would be that I was apprehensive, the fear of not knowing what will happen next, been in a place where I had no family or friends etc can look at the refugee claim stats in Canada back in 2007. To determine how many people applied for refugee status, were they denied or approved.

I didn’t feel that my lawyer was patient with me in order to understand my story. She was appointed by the immigration but I still had to almost $3000 installmentally in order for her to continue to represent me.

And also the reputation that my country had In terms of people lying to get permanent residency was also used against me.

When my refugee claim was denied there wasn’t much explanation given apart from the fact that the judge wasn’t convinced.

 Required Texts

  1. Essential law for social work practice in Canada (3rdEdition). (Cheryl Regehr and Karina Kanani, editors). Oxford University Press 2015
  2. Napoleon, V., Henshaw, J., Steacy, K., Johnston, J., Roy, S. (2013)Mikomosis and the Wetiko. Victoria: UVic Indigenous Law Research Clinic. Social Justice, Social Work and Law

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