Social Issues: Levels of Conversation Impact

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Social Issues: Levels of Conversation Impact

The results of a conversation depending on the levels of communication between the parties that are involved. Some conversations, depending on the levels they are based upon, yield positive results and may create healthy relationships. The Social Penetration Theory by Irwin Altman states that the level of conversation defines communication and relationship.Social Issues: Levels of Conversation Impact

He argues that a close social relationship can be created from a healthy conversation where the two parties involved are in the same level of understanding. This research paper seeks to explore how levels of conversation influence levels of relationships and functions.

There are several levels of conversation. A conversation may be social, mental, emotional, or spiritual. In a social conversation, there is an exchange of views and expectations from the parties. This level of conversation requires one to be keen on communication to be able to know whether the conversation will continue or not.

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The people involved in this level of conversation may have varying opinions depending on their understanding of the topic of discussion. However, mutual respect and understanding should prevail in the conversation in order to get better results irrespective of the level of relationship that exists between the parties. A mental level of conversation aims at giving facts over an issue. This level of conversation lays the grounds for deeper communication and relationship.Social Issues: Levels of Conversation Impact

One should be keen to pick other information that may be expressed through the tone or body movements in order to understand how to tune the conversation to be fruitful. Emotional and spiritual levels of conversation are very tricky. The emotional conversation seeks to get a confidant. Whatever one says in this level of conversation is supposed to be kept secret and not to be shared with other persons.

If this condition is not observed the relationship between the parties may become sour after the conversation. The spiritual level of conversation is based on one’s believes and faith in some form of divine power. In this level of conversation, a self-fulfilling relationship may be developed particularly if the people involved in the conversation share the same faith.

To realize a self-fulfilling relationship we need to consider the level of conversation and the level of relationship for both parties. A person at the social level of conversation may find it tricky developing a relationship with another person who is in the emotional level. This is so because at that moment of the conversation these two people are in different moods and worlds of reasoning and understanding. Considering this factor will avoid conflicts and stressful relationships.Social Issues: Levels of Conversation Impact

Some outcomes of a given conversation that is not level sensitive may affect our relationships severely if no efforts are made to rectify the situation. This is evident from the relationship I had with my class teacher some time back. She called me after class work and reprimanded me over my poor performance in class. At this particular time, I was in deep sorrow and pain as I was mourning over the death of my best friend who had passed on the previous day.

The grief made me talk in a rude manner to the teacher during the conversation. We exchanged words that affected our relationship to a great level. After a long time of stress, I decided to make up with the teacher, and she was very sorry when I explained what I was going through at that moment. This is a clear indication of how levels of conversation may influence levels of relationship and function as self-fulfilling prophecies about our relationships and ourselves Social Issues: Levels of Conversation Impact


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