SOC 328 Qualitative Research Methods

SOC 328 Qualitative Research Methods


The following instructions will let you know exactly what to include in your final paper for SOC 328. Please bear in mind that this paper differs significantly from research articles you might find in academic journals. That is because this assignment is designed to assess your understanding and mastery of qualitative research methods and data analysis, not your contribution to knowledge in your particular area of inquiry. Use the underlined words below as your section headings. Following the description of each section are some notes on length and formatting. Abstract The paper should begin with a paragraph, clearly marked “Abstract”, of 150-250 words summarizing your project for the reader.


This paragraph will contain the question you set out to answer, a succinct description of the methods you used, and a brief overview of your major findings. Refer to the abstract of any of the studies we read during the semester if you need an example of how this should look. Keywords A list of 5-7 keywords should follow the abstract. Remember what we discussed in class –these are words that classify the subject and methods discussed in your paper. To come up with a good list, put yourself in the mindset of a researcher looking for articles like yours, and think about what search terms they might put into Google Scholar in order to find what you’ve written. Introduction Your paper should begin with a section introducing your reader to your research topic. For the purposes of this paper you may, but are not required to, cite background literature on your subject. You may also discuss why you chose this research topic, recalling our discussion at the beginning of the semester about the several different ways social science researchers select subjects and questions for the ir work.

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