Smb800 Carbon Footprint

Prepare a Carbon Footprint Mitigation Plan for the case study company as follows. (a) Complete an analysis/summaryof the Carbon Footprint for Case Study company that can be used to share with stakeholders and includes the following information:-Total Current Carbon Footprint-Year over Year performance back to 2015.-Emissions by Scope-Emissions by Source-Largest source of emissionsThis analysis should be a one-page brochure type document that could be shared externally or integrated into a Sustainability Report. Use visuals (i.e charts/graphs) as much as possible!(b) Set a Carbon Reduction Goal for the Company and state reason for choosing this goal. Remember that a Carbon Goal must have three components (% reduction by given year, relative to a baseline year)(c) Based on the goal that you have set and current carbon footprint, state the performance gap that needs to be closed (i.e 5,000 tonnes) and visualize this using a chart or graph. (d) Based on the performance gap stated in part (c) above, list opportunities that can be leveraged, utilized, implemented to achieve the goal. These opportunities should be specific and state how much of the performance gap the opportunity will address. For example, a lighting retrofit will reduce x amount of kWh which represents x amount of CO2e. Or a boiler retrofit will reduce x amount of M3 of Natural Gas which represents x amount of CO2e. You must identify at least 3 initiatives that will achieve the goal and close thefullperformance gap.For example if the performance gap is 5,000 tonnes, thecarbon reduction initiatives must total 5,000.These numbers willneed to be fictional (i.e made up) but using your best judgement and knowledge

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