Should drugs be a legal or public health issue

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Do you believe in the legalization of drugs?  All drugs or certain categories?  Do you believe there would be an increase in the number of people reporting use?

If DARE does not work, what intervention may work better?

The war on drugs has huge impact on not only poorer neighborhoods, but also the U.S. in general.  The spillover from Mexico impacts the US in various ways (kidnapping, deaths, etc).  What do you believe is the best strategy to combat the violence?  How would you implement your strategy?

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Should drugs be a legal or public health issue?  Comparative analysis from other countries should be provided for substantive discussion.

Specialty courts have been developed for various categories of crimes and offenders (e.g., mental health, substance use, domestic violence).  Are there crimes or offender types in which a specialized court should be developed?  Why or why not?  How would it be implemented?  What would it offer that traditional courts cannot?

The right to vote and hold office are civil disabilities that affect many felons, especially those who are minority and from impoverished communities.  Do you believe that felons should be granted their right to vote upon parole?  Determine any pros and cons to the issue?  Should former inmates be granted the opportunity to seek an elected office?  Is there a difference between them and those currently in office?

Is restorative justice possible in the United States? Why or why not?  How should it be implemented?

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