Short Story Essay Badeye By Ron Rash

Ron Rash’s Short Story Essay “Badeye”,

Ron Rash’s “Badeye,” a masterpiece by Ron Rash, is about an eight year-old boy who discovers snakes.

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collection, and becomes so obsessed that he almost loses his life to a snake bite.

The story is primarily about the boy who is the speaker but it also mentions Badeye

Carter, a one-eyed bootlegger disguises his operations by selling snow cones

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He runs with his truck. Badeye meets the persona when he offers to deliver some.

Badeye offers moonshine in exchange for a small coral serpent which eventually bites him

He takes him to the hospital for three nights. Rash’s story, “Badeye”, is infused with the theme of

Love is shown in the form and expression of fatherhood, fatherhood, and father-son companionship.

You can look beyond the snake/reptile obsession by looking at the various literary lenses

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