Share an insight you gained from a colleague’s post about how to use personal strengths to manage your time commitments.

Discussions reply to two colleagues in the following way:


· Share an insight you gained from a colleague’s post about how to use personal strengths to manage your time commitments.

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· Share your thoughts on using this degree to lead positive change.



Please see my two (2) colleagues post which “require two (2) different in depth responses”:


1st Colleague post


I am Aleisha Alston. I reside in Detroit MI and I currently am a state employee for Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS). Working in this field, particularly Child Protective Services and Foster Care for many years has been both interesting and challenging. While working in this field, I am also a licensed foster parent for children in need as well.

Although I do social work, my background is focused more on Criminal Justice. In MI, they most times go hand in hand when you see parents who unfortunately have their children taken from their care and placed in the system, criminal activity goes hand in hand with that. Not to mention, court hearings, writing petitions and testifying i court as well. I do all that in my daily career to date. My goal is to progress successfully within my CJ field and actually leave social work side and go full force into the Criminal Courts side of the job. Completing this degree, understanding it and utilizing what I learn will help me to make those first steps.

Currently I hold my Bachelors in Criminal Justice and Masters in Forensic Psychology and Criminal Justice today. I am looking forward to adding this degree to my accomplishments as well.  Walden has provided me some strong attributes to use in my career as well as my daily walk. I have recognized exactly where my passion is and what I want to do and I am working towards that goal. Viewing the staff videos from Walden, I resonated with (Dr. Eddie Dixon, EdD) when he stated, “find what you are passionate about doing and want to do for free and go for it”. I feel I am on the right track in doing just that and getting fully into criminal courts will bring me full circle.

Dynamic Leadership class I feel will continue to prepare me for this growth, and arm me with the right weapons I need to win all battles. I am happy to be apart of this class and ready to learn.



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2nd Colleague post

Hello all,


I am Jireka Neal. I live in Atlanta, GA. I have a one-year-old son, who is high energy all the time plus a three-year-old Siberian Husky. I enjoy binging crime investigation series. I began this program because I want to grow from my current career level. I am in the Education industry. I am looking to either expand in this industry or take a different path once completion of degree program. Currently, I am the Director-In-Training for a local early childcare center. This is my second semester of my first year of grade school. In order for me to succeed in this program, I have begun to practice time management. I like to try and complete each discussion before the due date, so I can have enough time for research on assignments and discussion board replies. I have also created myself a learning space so that I will not have distractions as I complete coursework. The advice that resonated best with me was from Dr. Hughes. As she stated, a useful tool of practice is to take the resources and discussion topics into your reality. While pursuing my degree, I will her advice to help guide and strengthen my management skills. I look forward to exploring this course with each and every one of you.



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