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Shakespeare’s Essay Description In King Lear, evil seems to undo itself- at the end of the play murderers murder each other. Yet given Cordelia’s senseless death, Lear’s death immediately thereafter, and Kent’s prophecy of his own demise, one can argue that the forces of evil have not been exorcised from the world of this drama. What do you think Shakespeare is implying by this ending ? Support your response by tracing the nature of evil as it motivates one characters villainy. For example, what motivates Edmund or Goneril or Cornwall or Regan to commit their respective crimes, and what are the ramifications of that motivation overall on the drama ? 1″ margins 2-3 pages, 2 full length or 3 MLA Accurate citations, no dropped citations, parenthetical references Work cited page Parenthetical references need only the ‘page number’


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