Sexual Morality, Abortion and Euthanasia

• provide a working title for your project • provide a literature review outlining the rationale for your study • state your research question or hypothesis. Word limit: 1200 words total excluding reference list. You are advised to use a maximum of 50 words on the title and research question together. Your working title should be short and mention the method and topic you wish to investigate. Your literature review should draw on evidence from three to five studies you have found in academic journals or book chapters (not textbooks). You should evaluate these studies and identify a gap in the literature that your project will aim to fill. Your research question or hypothesis should relate to this gap in the literature. Learning outcomes TMA 02 addresses the following learning outcomes: • The ability to construct arguments with appropriate use of psychological concepts, theories and evidence.

• The ability to select, summarise, synthesise and reference appropriately information from different psychological sources, including primary texts. • The ability to present written material in a coherently organised form, with arguments and information in logical sequence and communicated effectively in a variety of formats. • The ability to use information technology to search for and access digital resources. • The ability to derive and justify research questions and hypotheses using psychological theories and evidence. Student notes This assignment is in THREE parts. Firstly, you must supply a working title for your project. This should be informative, describing your project. Note this title is likely to change for your final report, so don’t be concerned that it might sound a bit boring at this stage! Secondly you need to write a literature review of three to five primary sources. The first step here is to conduct a literature search (check in Week 1 if you need to refresh your memory on this). To help you understand what is required in your literature review, the module team has prepared a short guidance document. Finally, you should include your research question – what do you aim to discover? It goes without saying that the research question needs to be phrased as a question! Alternatively, if you are conducting a survey and plan to test a prediction from a psychological theory, you could include your main hypothesis. This should be phrased as a statement predicting a difference or an effect.

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