SET721 Sustainable Engineering – T2 2017

Do so with a coherent and logical progression to the factors presented. A good format would be to examine how energy production has been implemented historically, how it has evolved with our changing urban demands and technological innovations (e.g. electric cars, increasing electronics devices, etc). Comment on where we may be heading in the future as a global society and explore our necessity to address challenges such as global warming, peak oil production, depleting natural resources, etc.Critical elements to consider in your report are the diversity of energy production

what it is used for, for instance we need energy to power our homes and businesses, how is this done?

Whatare the challenges to maintain a consistent supply?

What are the governance and legislative issues?

Remember energy is used in areas beyond electricity generation, and is a necessary requirement for transportation (combustion engine), in our ability to communicate (sensor systems, etc) and when operating in a national and global environment, please expand on these themes.

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