Self-reflection for Capstone class

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Students will prepare a written reflection of: (1) the competencies they learned/gained from the capstone project; (2) what element of the work required came as a surprise to them in collaborating on such a client-based project, and (3) what single aspect of the capstone they believe will be most helpful in working on a major collaborative project in the future. Paper should be between 500 and 750 words (or 2 to 3 pages), have page margins of one inch per side, be double-spaced, use Times New Roman font (point size 12), and have no space between paragraphs. Course Overview Capstone projects in the Nonprofit Management Program afford a group of students the opportunity to undertake complex, real-world, client-based projects for nonprofit organizations, supervised by a Nonprofit Management Program faculty member. Through the semester-long capstone project, students will experience the process of organizational assimilation and integration as they tackle a discrete management project of long or short-term benefit to the client organization. Larger theoretical and organizational issues that affect nonprofit managers and their relationships with other stakeholders, both internal and external, also will be discussed within the context of this project-based course. In this semester’s capstone, students will work as one team, with subgroups, in order to address the organizational and expansion needs of The Peace Innovation Foundation. ( The Foundation mission is to foster peace, stability, and prosperity in underdeveloped regions of the world through innovation and technology. To accomplish this mission, the Peace Innovation Foundation pursues/implements initiatives via partnerships with the technology sector, governments, philanthropies, and international organizations, acting as the catalyst that brings these various sectors together. The Foundation’s particular focus is on education, entrepreneurship, equal opportunities, security, and sustained development. Through an introduction to the Foundation’s multi-sector, global network via partnerships with the United Nations and other stakeholders, Capstone students work to help establish a framework for the Foundation’s organizational structure that will allow it to flourish as a fully functioning and sustainable US-based nonprofit. The goal of the Capstone project is to provide recommendations to help build the case that the Peace Innovation Foundation is an entrusted United Nations partner to help support and advance peacekeeping program priorities and initiatives. To accomplish this, Capstone students will work with Foundation leadership on current priority pilot initiatives – PeaceTech Campus, Unified UN ID-System, and Blood Plasma & Medicine “As-a-Service” – to recommend the proper and necessary organizational infrastructure that will help establish each as a potential self-sustaining UN peacekeeping venture. Collectively, the recommendations for each initiative could be considered as a template (model) to help launch successive UN peacekeeping ventures.


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