Cops on the Front Lines; The First Defense Against a Strike, Foreign or Homegrown Police have been told a group of terrorists has just launched a series of coordinated attacks targeting the L.A. subway system. We know that there are hostages, and there are reports of injuries, but most alarmingly, they have detected the presence of a device which appears to have dispersed some sort of chemical agent. Watch the terrorism response simulation: Intense Counterterrorism Training With L.A. County Sheriff’s Department – Crime Watch Daily ( ) and answer the following questions:

How many life-threatening situations are represented here? Besides the “Elite Counterterrorism Unit,” what other teams/ agencies, more than likely, would be involved in this scenario? Explain. Does your town/city have a terrorism response component?

If so, how is it structured? Assignment Expectations Length: This Assignment should be at least 3-5 pages not counting the title page and references. REFERENCES: Homeland Security (2016). National Response Framework. DHS. Retrieved from Los Angeles Police Department’s Counter-Terrorism and Criminal Intelligence Bureau (n. d.). “Counter-Terrorism and Crime Fighting in Los Angeles.” LAPDBLOG. Retrieved from


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