Second Generation Immigrant Minorities

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Second Generation Immigrant Minorities

The socioeconomic status of the immigrant parents, different levels of ethnic/racial discrimination in relation to various groups, either legal or illegal right to stay in the country and different rates of cultural assimilation are the main reasons according to which the average socioeconomic status of the second generation immigrant minorities is assessed.Second Generation Immigrant Minorities

The higher the status of parents is, the higher the status of the second generation is going to be. It is obvious that legal and socioeconomic statuses of parents are the primary and secondary reasons respectively according to which people are regarded.

First of all, the success of the second generation immigrant minorities depends on the status of their parents. Those people who live legally in another country have already gained some specific positions in the society. Having a legal registration, parents have an opportunity to work legally and stay in the country in accordance with the legislation. It offers many priorities for such immigrants.

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First of all, these people have rights to live on the territory of a strange country. Working legally in another country, registered immigrants get medical insurance, they have working experience and their work is appreciated by the government.Second Generation Immigrant Minorities

Either legal or illegal status is very important for the second generation of immigrants as such aspects of social life as school education, working license and other similar issues are easier to receiver for those whose parents are working legally in the country.

The problem of illegal immigration and their social position also lies in terms of finance. Those parents who are unable to work legally are not guaranteed to get regularly high salaries. Constant pressure from the police and other government organs create additional difficulties to children of such parents.

Second, the socioeconomic status of parents plays an important role in the life and the place of the second generation in the society. It is obvious that the higher the socioeconomic status of parents, the higher status of their children is. Being the second generation of the successful immigrants, children may be sure to have priorities in order to start their careers.

Children of successful parents do not have to think about financial situation, and they have a chance to search for the working position they are interested in. These people are highly rated in the society even though they are immigrants, economically successful people are always highly rated. It is essential to remember that the socioeconomic status of parents leaves imprint on children.

Therefore, even if children have higher position in the society from the point of view of social and economic characteristics, they are always treated according to their parents. Putting socioeconomic status of parents at the second place after the legal or illegal status, I would like to say that the issue of a social position is as important as the legal status.Second Generation Immigrant Minorities

In conclusion, it should be stated that immigration is a natural issue in the modern world and the cases of the second generation immigrant minorities increase from day to day. The status of the second generation directly depends on the legal position of their parents and their socioeconomic status.

Children of legally employed, socially and economically successful parents have more chances to be successfully accepted in a strange society than children of illegally employed parents with low level of income and absence of the economical status. The second generation of such minorities is going to be treated as their predecessors.Second Generation Immigrant Minorities


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