Samuel Beckett’s play Endgame (1957)

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I’d like you to complete a 4-6 page essay about Samuel Beckett’s play Endgame (1957). In your essay, please address the following:

-What makes Endgame an absurdist play? What elements of Theatre of the Absurd, categorized by Martin Esslin, are present in the text? Please discuss how the characters, plot, use of language, and dramatic structure exemplify absurdist theatre.
-How does the absurdism in Endgame differ from Waiting for Godot?  Give at least three examples.
-How does absurdism in this play differ from The Maids and The Birthday Party? Be specific about how Beckett’s unique use of this dramatic style is differentiated from Genet and Pinter’s interpretations.

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(This essay needs to be original and SPARK NOTES CANNOT BE USED) The play needs to be read to get a better sense of what to write. Additional research needs to be cited in MLA format.
ALL the points listed in the topic need to be answered and included in essay form .

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