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 Content page Add the Case Title Here Introduction (Here write the purpose of the case analysis and brief introduction to the case and its current market, profit and challenges/problems and you may also critique about the leadership. Last sentence needs to be a transition sentence that guide the reader about what is included in the rest of the paper). Analysis of the current Vision and Mission (propose a new vision and mission if you think necessary.) Tell why the current vision and mission are not so effective.) SWOT Analysis External Environment Analysis Analysis of the general external environment (7 segments). (Tell us the opportunities and threats from these each segment of the environment). Do a critical analysis of each aspect and tell what opportunities and threats this company needs to address? Economics: Physical: Demographic: Political/Legal: Technological environment Socio-cultural environment: Global business environment: Industry analysis by applying the Porter’s five forces model Threat of New Entrants: Revelry among Competing Firms: Threat of Substitutes: Bargaining Power of Suppliers: Bargaining Power of Customers: Complementary Products: (Summarize the current industry situation, trends, problems if any and is it a growing or declining industry etc. ) Industry Life Cycle Analysis: (Focus more on products in general) Competitor analysis: briefly describe the strengths and weaknesses and trend, goals and current strategies of competitors Last paragraph, summarize the opportunities and threats for your company. They can be used to develop new strategies. Internal organization analysis: The purpose of the internal organization is to identify resources, capabilities and core-competencies. By analyzing these components, our group will identify the strengths and weaknesses in order to propose new strategies that can bring competitive advantage. Analysis of internal resources: (What unique resources which no competitors have?) Analysis of capabilities: (Unique capabilities, expertise, rare expertise) Analysis of core-competencies: (past experience, R&D, brand name, innovation, quality, patents etc.) Value chain analysis: (VERIO Analysis is another name for the same analysis. (from this analysis, you will identify the gaps.) try to collect data from within the organization in each functional areas. Analyze all the functional areas here. Functional analysis Strengths Weak areas that need to improve Resources: Capabilities: Core competencies Analyze the firm’s financial performance. Compare those financial rations with the direct competitors Your company Investment ratio Profitability ratio Return on investment Liquidity ratio Market share Expansion areas Competitor name Competitor name Competitor name Competitor name Compare with the direct competitors; Summary of SWOT analysis. (List only the major findings you will use to formulate new strategies_. Opportunities for the organization Threats for the organization Strengths within the organization Weak areas in the organization that needs improvements Country analysis you selected for the international strategy: (Here describe what are the opportunities in that country for this company to establish and grow. What specific resources that this company can use if they expand to that country? Labor cost, infrastructure, technology, market facilities, managerial abilities, skills availability, cultural advantages and adaptability etc.) Proposed Strategies Global/international business strategy: (describe the strategy and justify how this strategy supports the organization to achieve competitive advantage. Describe why this particular country is good for the company and how it can help achieving strategic goals) Corporate level strategy: (describe the strategy and justify how this strategy supports the organization to achieve competitive advantage) Business level strategy: (describe the strategy and justify how this strategy supports the organization to achieve competitive advantage) Functional level strategies: (describe the strategy and justify how this strategy supports the organization to achieve competitive advantage) Describe how the proposed strategies will help organization to grow and achieve competitive advantage. (Justify your points and show in what way the company can gain competitive advantage as a result of implementing the proposed strategies) Strategy Implementation and Control: (tell how you will use the Balanced Score Card to collect essential information on a continuous basis) Conclusion Appendices and charts Below are some sample appendices. But you can change this to fit what you have. Appendix 1: Industry analysis – Porters Five Forces Model Appendix 2: Gap analysis matrix table Appendix 3: Competitor analysis and profitability ratio References


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