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This is my a level project worth 20% of my grade it consists of making a topdown 2d dungeon crawler with these requirements made in unity:
1. player movements with mouse aiming
2. random dungeon generator with a boss room
3. a minimap
4. health bar and ability meter
5. a dash ability that can damage enemies and a ability system.
6. Easily Gun system and coins to buy guns, guns that shoot with different stats ie more spread faster and stronger etc etc
7. inventory to store those guns
8. enemies that shoot back and chase you
9. a boss room with a simple boss
10. shop room
11. floor system and the abilities to move up floors
12. power ups that make u faster dash further etc etc
13. score system
14. score system sotred from highest to lowest
15. 3 different bosses
not needed stuff i want to do myself if u want to help explaining or starting or doing it will pay more for these requirements so i get the a *:
1. time system that makes the game harder as it goes
2. if u wanna help start the neat ai for the boss
3. make it multiplayer and store
4. outside shop for accessories ie glow, change in color etc etc
5. coded commented on with all new high level code must be commented, any repeated code could be commented with with a reference
6. new abilities like time freeze or slow down time
7. animations and sound effects #NOT NEEDED AT ALL JUST SOMETHING TO SPICE IT UP

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