Week 2:

Learning Team Design an HRIS for Riordan Manufacturing

Resource: Riordan Manufacturing website


Access the Riordan Manufacturing website from the link located in the Materials

section of the student website. Scroll to Course Web Links, find the “Virtual

Organizations” tab, then “Go To Businesse’s” and there you will find Rirodan



Review the information provided on the website.


Write a report to analyze the tactical and strategic functions of

Riordan Manufacturing, a plastics manufacturer, and to design an HRIS for the company.

Currently, the company is using an HRIS that was installed in 1992 and only provides

limited functions. The company has decided to build a new HRIS to improve the HRM

performance. They have contracted your team, an external HRIS consultant team, to

design the system. Your report should include the following points:


Briefly describe steps you will follow to design an HRIS for Riordan.

Analyze the internal environment of Riordan Manufacturing to identify its tactical

and strategic business functions.

Describe in general the data inputs and outputs of the existing system and

identify goals and objectives of the new system.


What are the current information needs?

What must the new system do?

What changes are suggested for the new system?


Describe the framework of the new HRIS.


What modules will the new system have?

What data go into each module?

What reports will the new system have?

How will the new HRIS be managed?

What information will be included in each report?


Choose one of the modules you have selected for your HRIS (i.e. applicant

tracking, benefits, performance management, compensation, training and development,

etc.) and identify possible vendors of the module and possible costs of the vendors.


Format your report consistent with APA guidelines.

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