Richard Rorty “Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity”

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This paper needs to be about Richard Rorty’s “Contingency, iron , and Solidarity” book. I will upload a picture of a book so you can know which book is it. The paper needs to be exactly about that book and when you put any quotations make sure to cite properly with page numbers at the end of each quote. In his book Rorty talks about John Stuart mills’s “On Liberty” and Friedrich Nietzsche’s “On the genealogy of Morals” (Preface, 1st essay and 2nd essay) I will upload the pictures of those books as well. For Richard Rorty’s book you should concentrate on the Preface and 3 chapters. remember the papers main point is Richard Rorty’s “Contingency, iron, and Solidarity” Book. This course in entitled Reconciling the Individual with the State.


To this end, we have investigated the ways in which Mill attempts to balance personal freedom with the demand of politics. With Nietzsche, we saw how the aristocratic character is ultimately incompatible with politics. In his book, “Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity”, Rorty seeks to create what he calls a Liberal Ironist Utopia. Please Respond to the following question: Explain what I mean when I say that in his attempt to create a Liberal Ironist Utopia , Rorty radicalizes Mill, and politicizes Nietzsche, By the term “radicalize” I mean how does Rorty push Mill’s central ideas to the extreme. By the term “politicize”, explain how Rorty utilizes many Nietzschean themes for political purposes. In answering this question, you may want to consider, among other things, Rorty’s understanding of the “contingency of language”, “contingency of the self”, and the “contingency of the community”

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