Retail Marketing

Choose a case based on a specific company exploring one of the topics listed: Retail’s finances and strategy Product assortment and pricing Retail supply chain Consumer behaviour and segmentation Brand and experience economy External presentation & Customer service and promotion The customer journey Digital Transformation in Retail Store design, atmosphere and location Example of layout structure: Purpose statement and structure (this paper will present some problems in relation to Heinz ketchup brand in Føtex and……*example) – 5-6 lines Case presentation and discussions of problems – 1-2 pages Questions for analysis/discussion (e.g. 2-3 questions)- 1/2 page Analysis 1: •Theory •application – 2 pages Preliminary conclusion – 1/2 page Some basics of academic work: No unjustified claims References, when references are needed Application of theory, models and other academic work Well-reasoned arguments

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