Results and analysis of individual study information

EACH ARTICLE(total of 3 articles) HAS TO BE A 2 PAGE ANALYSIS AND A TABLE MUST BE CREATED AT THE END. A SAMPLE WILL BE PROVIDED. Deliverable 3 provides results and analysis of individual study information (source information, participant characteristics, research methods, and outcomes) to be included in the systematic review. It is strongly encouraged each study be read and reread (highlight key components) and then appraised. “Strong studies should be given more weight than weaker ones in coming to conclusions about a body of evidence” (Polit & Beck, 2012, pg. 658). There is no consensus on the best approach to assess an individual study for a systematic review, but see in Polit and Beck (2012) an approach to appraise an individual study. At a minimum appraisal of the study design for biases and threats to internal validity; adequate and appropriate sample selection; measurement of variables yielding data that is reliable and valid. Please discuss with Dr. Buscemi your approach to study appraisal, there are various tools available (see course content). A table should be developed to organize individual study characteristics with columns (for example: author, purpose, methodology/ research design, sampling/setting, intervention/intervention fidelity, results/relevance to review purpose). Tables will vary based on the focus of the systematic review.

A systematic review can include meta-analysis but this is not a requirement. Results section sub-headings to include: Study selection (i.e., reporting results of the search from each database, studies included, excluded, duplicates). Describe results with PRISMA flow diagram ( include the n’s) from the study selection process Study characteristics (participants, relevant methodology, and quality). Risk of bias within studies Results of individual studies and intervention effect on outcome of interest. The results should be provided around answers to posed clinical question or domains rather than reporting on individual studies. Risk of bias across studies

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