Research proposal for PhD Culture, Media, and Creative Industries Research.

 The heart of your application is your research proposal. The ability to identify and propose a viable research project is a major indicator of your potential for doctoral study. This proposal should explain in some detail precisely the field of study that you want to contribute to and current research gaps, what you want to do and how you propose to do it. A good research proposal typically includes the following components: a clear statement of the proposed research question an explanation of the importance and originality of the proposed topic. This may include a section on the lack or shortcomings of existing academic work in your proposed area a section describing not only your proposed methodology but also an explanation of why this methodology is the most appropriate for the proposed topic a prospective chapter outline of the proposed thesis a timetable showing a realistic plan, including critical milestones, for the completion of your research and writing within three years a concluding section showing why this research should be conducted specifically here, within the CMCI programme at King’s College London, rather than anywhere else.

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