Research Paper Topic: Elon Musk:

Research Paper Topic:

Elon Musk:

– Elon Musk’s Tesla, becoming one of the leading companies in the automotive industry (Topic)

– Tesla success & investors who trusted Musk’s project (Sub)

– Globalization strategy with Tesla, how did it succeed? (Sub)

– How did Elon Musk managed to successfully penetrate a very solid market such as the automotive market? (Sub)

– Political & Social affiliations that got him to this (That defines his relationship with officials and people) (Sub)

– What was his penetration strategy? (Sub)

-Market strategy and target audience? (Sub)

– His management strategy and business leadership (Sub)

– How did he manage to maintain his position, if not improve, during COVID 19’s pandemic? (Research Question)

-How Musk communicate or act as a representative of his company in a premium market in order to build trust in clients or convince clients with purchasing Tesla’s products specially during the pandemic crisis with people being aware to be more wise with spending and investing their money (Sub to the research question)


-lifecycle theory of an industry, black swan theory, unexpected event that changed the rules of the market

-Strategic analysis

-Market Strategy

-Resource base view, like how and what companies need to do and learn in order to penetrate an automative market

-Porter’s 5 forces and which changes changed dramatically?

-SWOT analysis

-PEST analysis

-Theoretical elements

-Marketing communication & Leadership

-Globalization strategy

-Brand recognition

-Brand Loyalty regarding the customers

-footnotes style or Harvard reference style

-Insight dissertation should match the title of the dissertation

-Proper editing and language

-Zotero for references

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