Research Methods in Psychology A HPS201 SPSS Assignment

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The assignment for HPS201 casts you into the role of a research psychologist. Between Week’s 4 through to Week 9, you will be provided with a weekly research scenario, accompanying research question and a data set. You will also be provided with the SPSS output of a statistical analysis that has been run on the data set to answer the research question. Importantly, you will have to answer a set of questions requiring you to interpret the results of the analysis and present them in APA format.

Important information:

• The SPSS tasks will be presented during the Seminars (On Campus) and Blackboard Collaborate sessions (Cloud students) taking place between Weeks 4-9: note that the Seminars and Blackboard Collaborate sessions occur weekly for this unit. • The task sheets will be available on CloudDeakin at the beginning of each week. • There will be 6 tasks in total. They are to be submitted in two stages: o The first 3 tasks (presented in Week’s 4-6) are due in Week 7 o The second 3 tasks (presented in Week’s 7-9) are due in Week 10


Assignments are to be submitted online via dropbox. The dropbox link can be found on the HPS201 CloudDeakin site and more details regarding submission will be provided closer to the due dates. Please note that no hard copies will be accepted. 

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