report about using a virtual reality application in teaching speaking

In this assignment, you will create a technology-enhanced language learning activity that focuses on the teaching of a particular linguistic form, meaning, function, skill or competency. Below are some activity examples:

 A google form quiz for knowledge testing  A web activity to develop digital literacies

 A listening/watching activity using podcasts or online video


 A chat activity for building fluency & maybe even accuracy

 A blog activity for reflective writing & identity development

 A wiki activity for collaborative writing and knowledge building

 A social media activity to learn culture and pragmatics

 A mobile app to learn pronunciation

 A game or game-enhanced learning activity to learn vocabulary Guidelines for the activity:

The activity should take 45-90 mins of instructional time (1-2 class periods)

. You will write a brief report of 1,250-1,500 words detailing the goals and procedures of the activity. You should also include images/screenshots, videos, links that will clearly demonstrate how the activity works keeping in mind an imagined audience of fellow language teachers who would potentially use your activity in an actual learning setting.  

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