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Atlantic Health System is a company based in New Jersey. It is number 49 on the top 100 companies to work for. There were many different reasons that the employees were so satisfied with the company. They offer many different benefits and perks for being an employee. 25% of the workforce is 55 or older, the new program offers retirees a way to keep working with still receiving their retirement benefits. (Moskowitz, et al, 2013). The company also offers a college savings plan, on-site discounted daycare and elderly care, an onsite concierge service, tuition reimbursement and career coaching. The company knows that their employees also have busy lives outside of work and tries to help as much as possible.

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Reply to the following
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The company also prides itself on its diversity not only in its employees but in its patients as well. It also offers a holistic benefit program to its employees to meet all the diverse needs of its employees. (Margolis, 2020).

After reviewing the staffing pages within the website, the company shows a mix of male and female employees, and a mix of races. It strives on creating a talented and diverse team that will be able to treat all patients and allow employees to reach their highest potential. “We ask our team members to bring their authentic selves to work every day to strengthen our performance through their diversity and unique talents. It’s their camaraderie and joy of being in the Atlantic Health family that enables us to attract and retain the best workforce in health care” (Margolis, 2020, Para. 3).

For the hiring process the company focuses on a career section within their website. They are also conducting virtual interviews at this time to cut down on person-person interactions. Finally, it also offers a program with the college to allow students experience and the chance to move over to the system after school.

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