Relationship between nature and culture.

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Description We began the semester with Jhan Hochman’s survey of how different cultural studies discourses have attempted to define or overcome the relationship between nature and culture. For this paper, you will choose one of the discourses that we have already discussed and directly apply it to a current issues in environmental studies. Choose a particular critical perspective from the list below and utilize it as a lens to analyze the debate surrounding a current environmental issue. For your perspective, you should choose one critical text from the class and complement it with at least one other work within that area (i.e. add another work of eco-feminist criticism or theory). Looking at the environmental issues of your choice, answer: what are the underlying assumptions of both sides of the debate, and why is it important to apply your chosen perspective to understand the stakes? Potential Discourses: Romanticism / Transcendentalism Eco-Marxism / Postcolonial Environmentalism Eco-Feminism Racial Ecology / Af-Am Studies Posthumanism Queer Theory / Queer Ecology Animal Studies Wildcard? Your paper should be divided roughly into halves. The first half (after your thesis, of course) should articulate the critical lens you are utilizing. The second half will involve you applying your lens to the issue of your choice. Remember: your job is to show that this discourse provides valuable insight into the debate you are analyzing! Choose carefully the lens that you want to apply to a particular debate, and use concrete details form sources to outline that debate! The Details: ● The paper should be written in MLA format. This means double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point type, 1” margins, and in-text citations with a Works Cited page at the end. ● The paper must be at least six pages long (not including the Works Cited page). ● The paper should be roughly divided in half: ○ First Half: articulating the framework you are applying ○ Second Half: applying the framework to an issue and demonstrating the “payoff” ● You will need at least one critical/theoretical source in addition to class material, and you will need at least two sources to outline the debate with which you are engaging.


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