Reflect on a PEDIATRIC Patient (CHILD or ADOLESCENSE) who presented with gastrointestinal disorders during your Practicum experience.


Assignment Practicum Journal Entry: Pediatrics

1). Reflect on a PEDIATRIC Patient (CHILD or ADOLESCENSE)  who presented with gastrointestinal disorders during your Practicum experience.

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2). Describe your experience in assessing and managing the patient and his or her family.

3). Include details of your “aha” moment in identifying the patient’s disorder.

4). Then, explain how the experience connected your classroom studies to the real-world clinical setting.

NOTE:  If you did not have an opportunity to evaluate a patient with this background during the last 9 weeks, you may select a related case study from a reputable source or reflect on previous clinical experiences.

NOTE: This paper is on a child; not an ADULT patient.


–Due Saturday 4/28/17; before Midnight

Must have Nursing background to take this job.

–Deliver scholarly written material not high school stuff I saw.

APA format with at least 3-4 references on your topic of choice.

—All references cited on paper and must be within 5 years old.

— Must be original and FREE OF PLAGIARISM.

NOTE: Each paper is run through Turn-it- in


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