Recycling in Kuwait

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Description ENGL 102 – Writing and Information Literacy Fall2018 Research-Based Argument Length: Minimum 6 pages (1750 words), double-spaced Due: Tuesday, January 8 (final draft) Grade Percentage: 45% For your research project, you will complete a series of assignments that will culminate in a 6 to 8-page final argumentative research paper. In this research-based argument paper, you will be analyzing a particular social issue, particularly recycling. An “issue” is some situation about which people do not agree. Drawing on your own experiences and analysis of various texts (commercial & government websites, blogs, articles in newspapers & magazines, etc.), you will compose an argument that makes some particular claim about the impact and significance of recycling. Your research project for this course will combine research, analysis, and argument. Once you have identified your research interest and focus for this project, you will: • Conduct primary research through 1. Your Fieldwork experience And 2. Interviews with people (students, family/friends, professors, experts) about their perceptions of recycling and individuals’ social responsibility. • Conduct secondary research and select a variety of texts that suggest or promote perspectives on recycling. • Analyze your primary and secondary texts to understand the various perspectives on your issue: • Use your analysis & synthesis of these texts as evidence to build an argument that makes a CLAIM about the meaning or significance of your research in terms of community service. You are required to use both primary and secondary sources: 1. At least one primary source. Examples of primary sources: a. Interviews with other students, family/friends, professors, experts, etc. b. Fieldwork 2. At least 1 EACH of the following secondary sources. a. Scholarly article (from a library database) focused on recycling b. Newspaper or magazine articles (print or online) c. A blog or a YouTube video d. Governmental or non-governmental website on recycling in Kuwait. You must use MLA Citation Style for both parenthetical citations and your Works Cited at the end of your paper. Recycling is the focus of your paper, but you should approach it from the perspective of community engagement. There is usually this argument about the efficacy of volunteerism and its contribution to societies. Some people would argue that volunteering would never help in saving our planet while others swear by the wonders that volunteers can achieve. Your paper should address this controversy clarifying what can ordinary people like us do towards reycling? Can volunteering with NGO’s help? Why? Do we need to change our attitudes and our habits? If yes how can this be achieved.


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