Recognizing the Challenges of Role Transition

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Recognizing the Challenges of Role Transition

Assignment 1
Recognizing the challenges of role transition: Where am I now and where am I going? – Value 15%

In order to move effectively from one position or role to another, a clear understanding of ourselves and our current position is important. As an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) you have an education and a work history as well as a personal history that shapes how you perceive yourself and how you act in this role. To begin Nursing 250 we will ask for a baseline description of you and your role as an LPN. This baseline will be used to assess, track and guide your transition from the role of an LPN to that of a BN.

Briefly tell the story of who you are. Outline three qualities that you are most proud of and three characteristics that you would like to change. Recognizing the Challenges of Role Transition

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Then describe your role as an LPN in your current or most recent position. List three aspects of your role that you value the most, as well as three aspects of your role that are the most frustrating or that you value the least. With each point consider how each impacts you in relation to how you feel, think and behave. For example, if you find your current role satisfying because of high degrees of patient contact, describe how satisfaction due to patient contact influences how you feel, behave and think about your role as an LPN.

Now reflect on your transition into the role of a RN BN. Reflect on the descriptions above. Outline what will be most difficult to let go of in your role as an LPN. What will you embrace in your new role as a BN? Are there aspects of your new role will you resist? How will your history of an LPN help or hinder this transition? Integrate relevant theory, models and course information to the above description.

Marking Guide Assignment 1

Assignment should be no more than 4 pages in length and referenced appropriately.

Please note assignments may be written in first person.

  • Above questions are answered clearly and succinctly. (30 Marks)
  • Content is in-depth, demonstrating insight and thought. (35 Marks)
  • Assignment reflects course content, readings and viewings to date. Some integration of theory and models is present. (35 Mark

Recognizing the Challenges of Role Transition

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