Readings: Banks and National Association for Multicultural Educators (NAME) article

 Reading: (Banks) Teaching for Social Justice, Diversity, and Citizenship in a Global World (Links to an external site.)and Reading and exercise (NAME) Ethnic Studies or Multicutural Studies? (Links to an external site.) Exercise for NAME website article: National Association for Multicultural Educators (NAME) website. Learn about ethnic studies and multicultural education, their interrelated histories, impacts and relationships to multicultural learning. Then type out your answers to the following questions and bring your answers to the next class: After watching both videos and on the video Reversing the Learning Crisis – identify and write down the eight critical themes. On the same video what are the three responses to the learning crisis? What is the hope and vision of the Grassroot Curriculum Movement begun in Chicago schools? What does the acronym CGCT stand for? What are NAME’s five outcomes in relation to Multicultural education & ethnic studies regarding student learning and teacher practice? MCS outcomes #2 and #4 Learning: (Banks) misconceptions about, parameters of, and rationale for MCS, diversity v assimilation, define literate citizenry, identity clarification. 5 part format MCS outcomes #2 and #6 (Gorski) MCS born out of social/political movement, spearheaded by Blacks followed and joined by many others, .

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