Read the first 13 pages of the attached paper which discusses the effect of government intervention on recessions.  

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Discussion assignments will be graded based upon the criteria and rubric specified in the Syllabus.

For this Discussion Question, complete the following.

1.  Read the first 13 pages of the attached paper which discusses the effect of government intervention on recessions.

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2. Locate two JOURNAL articles which discuss this topic further. You need to focus on the Abstract, Introduction, Results, and Conclusion. For our purposes, you are not expected to fully understand the Data and Methodology.

3. Summarize these journal articles. Please use your own words. No copy-and-paste. Cite your sources.

5. During the second week of the Module, you will need to reply to the posts of two of your peers. Your replies must focus on increasing knowledge of the class and must advance the discussion further. Simply affirming your peers does not count as a substantive reply.

Need replay for this below 2 discussion


According to the journal article published by Musdholifah, Hartono and Wulandari (2020), several attempts have been made over time to determine the actual causes of banking crisis. But researchers are unable to bring about a full proof list of causes that lead to the downfall of the banks as a whole. Using the crisis and default index, the authors of the article have tried to formalize a series of causes of banking failures and how these can be avoided in the future. The case of the Indonesian banks and their problems is taken to know about the main causes that are leading to their troubles in today’s business environment. The analysis of the case studies of these banks reveals that the internal bank processes and actions are the primary source of the troubles. It is highly essential for banks to use probability factors and predictions to determine the outcomes of their actions in the short term and long-term both.

According to the second journal article written by Ramirez and Shively (2012), a time series model can be used to evaluate the causes of the bank failures and their contribution towards economic crisis. The scales of 1920s crisis were taken to review the banking and economic conditions. Other variables were also accounted to know the main reasons for the failure and how it could have been avoided. Bank Failure Channel is the main agenda used by the authors to distribute causes, analyze them and emphasize on the things that could have been done right to achieve stability. Since banks hold the money of the customers and use them to derive economic profit, they tend to be highly responsible for the same. Every effort should be made to keep liquidity and offer stability to the customers and the economy both. Overall, the banking system is the economic foothold of an economy within this globalized world.


Musdholifah, M., Hartono, U. and Wulandari, Y. (2020). Banking Crisis Prediction: Emerging Crisis Determinants in Indonesian Banks. International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues, 10, 124-131.

Ramirez, C. D. and Shively, P. A. (2012). The Effect of Bank Failures on Economic Activity: Evidence from U.S. States in the Early 20th Century. Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 44(3), 433-455.


Sharmila Gundapuneni – Thursday, 4 June 2020, 10:57 AM


Government intervention was considered at the time of recessions would determine fiscal policy accomplish the steady-state that describes fundamental shock. State downwards describe the recession period accomplish the equilibrium would determine the option. This consists of managing strategy development consider the long periods to ensure sustainable development would extremely consider the growth of the economy. Households consider the recession period to accomplish the changes and manage the dimensions that consist of unemployment rates (Horwitz, 2012). Equilibrium states enhance the economy recession consider an inefficient path to manage changes over unemployment rates. This process consists of upward RTP determine technology sources consists of micro-foundations. It describes the occurrence of the great recession manage the foundational service will determine the economic resources. It consists of options that drive better and stabilize the activities by the government.

Great recession impacts the technology whereas government intervention accomplishes the essential process consists of managing resources. It explains evidence considers the importance of the static and dynamic conditions that would determine the activities. This process considers the foundation and RTP consider the model description and manage household activities (Kaplan, Mitman & Violante, 2016). It consists of economic fluctuations that would consider the changeable sources that describe expected RTP. This model considers the changes in the household activities would determine the income sources and manage operations that determine better development. It consists of an inefficient path that would make effective changes during recession time and manage the tax rates of government.

The government should fiscally determine the intervention process that consists of three options that describe cut taxes, increase government consumptions. This process explains the transition path that determines household activities consider consumption. Government interventions describe the gap between the high employment rates and determine consumption (Horwitz, 2012). This process explains the collective consumptions that determine household services will process systems. Consumption of households would determine the economy paths that consist of steady-state which describes external sources. Financing factors consider the household activities that accomplish tax rates and increase the process which explains the unemployment rates. The comparison consists of a progress model that describes negative value determines economic growth would consider the household utility determines the process. It consists of stabilizing the activities that would ensure government debt and manage resources.


Horwitz, S. (2012). Causes and Cures of the Great Recession. Economic Affairs, 32(3), 65-69.

Kaplan, G., Mitman, K., & Violante, G. (2016). Consumption and house prices in the great recession. Working paper.

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