Read Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism by Martha Nussbaum Do you agree?

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Read Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism by Martha Nussbaum Do you agree?



If so why? If not, why not? For what reason? Make an argument for or against taking oneself to be a citizen-of-the-world first rather than a member of this or that country with a nationality of this or that sort, think of one or more powerful objections to your argument and respond to it or them.

Nationalism (Patriotism) v. Cosmopolitanism”

Drawing on the reading and your own considered opinion and good judgment, answer the question(s) on the following pages. In answering the question(s), offer what you believe is the most powerful argument or set of arguments you can make for your position. Think of the strongest argument or arguments that might be made against it, and respond to it, to them. In defending your position, offer what you believe are the most principled arguments you can make. In thinking of objections to your argument, think of the best possible objections that someone on the other side might be able to come up with. In other words: give yourself a hard time. If you can respond to the other side at its strongest rather than at its weakest point, that can only help to strengthen your own opinion and make it that much more persuasive.

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