Read “Critical Thinking – Case 11: A Spoonful of Sugar”

Read “Critical Thinking – Case 11: A Spoonful of Sugar” (pp. 304-305), then answer the questions



1. Do you agree with Mayor Bloomberg’s viewpoint and policy direction about banning sugar‐laden drinks

or do you agree with the court ruling that overturned the ban? What reasons can you provide for your



2. We have rules that, in essence, limit the consumption of alcohol when someone is driving because of

the social costs of drinking and driving. Is the issue of limiting the consumption of sugary sodas the same

as limiting the consumption of alcohol? How are these two situations the same and how are they



3. The line that is drawn between the philosophical positions on individual versus collective rights is

different for everyone. Some are closer to supporting individual rights and some closer to supporting

societal rights. Where do you stand in this debate? What has influenced your thinking?


4. If you had a magic wand, are there other bans you would place on consumer goods? Or would you use

your magic wand to erase some bans away?

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