Racial Equity in the Education System Homework Help

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Papers must deal with the primary source material and a particular contemporary problem in law and ethics of interest to the student, in light of the legal tradition we will be examining. The topic must display an ethical dimension involving a present dilemma and then integrate the legal jurisprudence.Racial Equity in the Education System Homework Help

Formal requirements for the paper are:
1.       Duration: 7-9 pages (double spaced, please; no font preferred, but Arial or Times New Roman 12 would be welcomed).
2.       Footnotes: 75-100 (Uniform System of Citation) Footnotes are required in order that the source material can be evaluated when reading on particular pages.

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3.       Source material: 20 differing primary sources in the form of actual text or periodical literature.  Web locations which are not primary sources of information (e.g., wikipedia, weblogs, facebook, myspace) are not scholarly source material.  Please cite to original scholarly sources.  Racial Equity in the Education System Homework Help. Newspapers, news and press sites, journals and reports available via the Web may be (but are not necessarily) scholarly source material. Law reviews are scholarly source material.  Case law is scholarly source material  Statutes and treaties are scholarly source material.  Primary texts by legal scholars are scholarly source material. Racial Equity in the Education System Homework Help

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