Race and ethnicity

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 Description Please be more specific If you are writing on the topic of ethnicity, explain why the idea of ‘race’ is no longer used by sociologists, and why the term of ‘ethnicity’ is instead preferred. If you are writing about gender, explain why sociologists talk about gender and sexuality as being ‘socially constructed’ rather than ‘biologically given’. 5. The second section of the essay will see you presenting to the reader an issue that matters to you when you think about gender or ethnicity. This section of the essay will be only one paragraph long. It will describe the issue that matters to you, why that issue might matter to New Zealand society more broadly (that makes it a ‘public issue’, as C. Wright Mills would say), and of its relation to the course theme. This issue should be mentioned in your ‘thesis statement’ at the end of your essay’s introduction and will provide the central focus for the argument that the essay will present to your reader. 6. For the third section of the essay, find three pieces of academic writing (journal articles, books, book chapters) that talk about this issue. These three references are in addition to the textbook and core course readings. Discuss what each says and how their views might influence how the issue is understood. You may also use any of the sociological concepts and course themes you have learnt about so far in the course that might be relevant to your discussion/argument. This section will be more than one paragraph. It is the core of the essay where you make your argument and justify it with relevant references and examples. 7. Write a brief introduction and a brief summary statement. This refers to the introduction and conclusion to your essay – the paragraphs that go before and after the three parts outlined above. The introduction should introduce the topic in general terms, and should then state the scope and purpose of the essay. This is ‘the thesis statement’ that tells the reader what the essay is going to discuss, why the issue is important, and how the essay will go about making its argument, with an indication of the conclusion that the discussion will make. The why refers to why the issue matters to you, and the how refers to the course theme you have chosen to use and the references that you will use to make your conclusions. Advice:  An academic essay shouldn’t read like a ‘whodunit’ mystery that leaves the reader confused about what it’s about until the conclusion!  By the end of the introduction, the reader should know exactly what it’s about, why the topic/issue is important, and how the essay will go about making its case and the conclusions it will reach.  Draft an introduction with a thesis statement before you write the body of the essay.  Return to your first draft introduction after you’ve written the essay and make any adjustments necessary to ensure that the introduction, main body of the essay and conclusion are aligned. The conclusion should be a brief summary of the central argument that the essay has made. Use some key words from your introduction but don’t repeat whole sentences and don’t introduce any new ideas. End with a general statement that rounds off the discussion. It may ‘look to the future’ in terms of social change that might be envisaged.


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