Submit a draft of your Literature Review using APA on the following topic: Cloud Computing as the Future

Submit a draft of your Literature Review using APA on the following topic:    Cloud Computing as the Future
The following are the requirements for the assignment:
The literature review must be at least 4 eight pages, not including the title and reference pages.
The literature review must use at least 8 sources.
The assignment can not exceed 10% of content used from other sources. Your draft will be examined through Safe Assign to determine the percentage. You will see the score when the assignment is submitted. If it is above 10%, you will need to resubmit the assignment.


Cloud computing as the future

Literature review

Cloud computing is a recent development that is associated with the rise in the use of technology. Cloud computing allows for the storage of data found on the internet. Many companies across the globe are adopting the use of cloud computing. Cloud computing is a concept that is revolutionizing the global economy. This paper provides a... Cxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxLxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxCxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx x xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xx xxx xxx xx xxxxxxxxxx. Cxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx. Mxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx. Cxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx x xxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx. Txxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx.Cxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xx xxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx.&xxxx; Cxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx x xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx (Wxxx xx xx., 2021). Wxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxx, xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx. Mxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxx. Cxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx. Cxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx. Sxxxxxx xx Kxxxxxx (2019) xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx, xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx, xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx. Axxxxxxxx xx Ex-Gxxxxx (2014), xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx. Cxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx. Fxx xxxxxxx, xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx. Txxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx.Cxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx x xxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx. Oxx xx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx. Axxxxxxxx xx x xxxxx xx Txxxx &xxx; Mxxxxxx (2020), xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx. Mxxx xxxx 50% xx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxx. Ixxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxx. Txxxxxxxx, xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx. Txx xxxxxxx xx x...

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