Resources are an important part of daily practice

Resources are an important part of daily practice.  Identify and describe two resources you have seen being used in clinic that are helpful in determining diagnosis, assessment or treatment plans.  Citation and reference required. 


Clinical Resources

            In the clinical practice matrix, resources are indispensable in determining the trajectory of diagnosis and treatment plans. Resources for diagnosis plans, for instance, are undeniably paramount to ascertaining that diagnosis decisions are spot-on in a quest to facilitate timely delivery... Cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxxx&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx; Ix xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx, xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx. Rxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx, xxx xxxxxxxx, xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx-xx xx x xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx-xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx. Mxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxxx Ixxxxxx (MRI) xxx Cxxxxxxx Txxxxxxxxx (CT) xxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx.MRI Sxxxxxx&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx; &xxxx;Ax MRI xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxx-xxx-xxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx x xxxxxxx'x xxxx xxxxxxxxx. Txxx xxx, xxxxxxxxx xx Wxxx xx xx. (2018), xx MRI xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx. Sxxxxxxxxxxx, xxx xxx-xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx xxxx, xxx xxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx x xxxx xxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx.CT Sxxxxxx&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx;&xxxx; A CT xxxx xxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxx, xxxxx xxxxx, xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx. Txxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx. Sxxx xxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxx. Pxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxx, xxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx. Txxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx, xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx, xxxx, xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx (Kxxxxx xx xx., 2020). Ix xxxx xxxxx, CT xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx...

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