The Christian Worldview

The Christian Worldview Paper is a 2-page document outlining your perception of your own Christian worldview as it relates to criminology. In this document (completed in current APA format), explain how your perception of criminal behavior was fashioned by your own experience and prior biblical instruction. While your perception regarding criminology may change during the […]

peer-reviewed journal articles.

Description Students will research and write a short essay (i.e., minimum of 4 full double-spaced pages) proposing criminal justice reforms that would create a just justice system. The focus can be either sector-based (e.g., policy, courts, corrections, community-based services) or issue focused (e.g., harm reduction approaches to drug use) at the local (i.e., lower mainland) […]

research paper – Rough draft Instructions

research paper – Rough draft Instructions Submit a rough draft based on the research paper outline you created in Module/Week 4. Expand on your outline and address all sections thoroughly in at least 5 pages, excluding the title page, abstract, table of contents, reference list, and appendices. Each section, from the introduction to the conclusion, […]