Cite at least 3 pages from the textbook

Copy-paste each question and answer directly below them using topic sentences. Cite at least 3 pages from the textbook. Pages relevant to the assignment run from page 117 to 134. The page numbers are on the bottom left of the pages.


Articles of Confederation Analysis

Political and Philosophical Aims of the Articles of Confederation

There are various political and philosophical aims of the Articles of Confederation. The first example was developing a stable national government and establishing the U.S as a sovereign nation. It was a recovery initiative after years of existing under the control of the English Col... Axxxxxxx xx Cxxxxxxxxxxxx AxxxxxxxPxxxxxxxx xxx Pxxxxxxxxxxxx Axxx xx xxx Axxxxxxx xx CxxxxxxxxxxxxTxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxx Axxxxxxx xx Cxxxxxxxxxxxx. Txx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx U.S xx x xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx. Ix xxx x xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxx Exxxxxx Cxxxxxxx. Txxx xx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx'x xxxxxxx. Txx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxx Axxxxxxx xx Cxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx. Txxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx, xxxxx xxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx, xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx. Hxxxxxx, xxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx. Txxx xx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx Axxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx x xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx (Bxxxxx xx xx., 10). Ix xxxxx xxxx xxxx Cxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xx xxxxx xx xxxx x xxx.Txx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxx Axxxxxxx xx Cxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxx. A xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxx xx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxx 13 xxxxxx xx xxx U.S. Ix xxxxx xx x xxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxx. Uxxxx xxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxx. Txx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx (Rxxxxxx 118) Ix xxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxx xxx xx xxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx. Txx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xx xxx Axxxxxxx xx Fxxxxxxxxx xxx xx xxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx. Mxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx (Lxxxxx 53).Mx OxxxxxxWxxxx xxx Axxxxxxx xx Cxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx, xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx. Txx xxxxx xx xxxx xxx Axxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx. Ix xxx x xxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx. Txx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xx xxxx Exxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxx. Txxx, xx xxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxx x...

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